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These signature grips have been designed from the ground up together with our pro rider Martin Söderström to meet his own specifications. NS single ply grips are made from soft Kraton rubber and they are more comfortable than most mtb lock on grips – in fact these are bmx freestyle grips designed for mountain bike riders. Martin likes his grips a little bit on the thinner side so he can ride them with gloves, but at the same time we wanted a classic, proven mushroom style pattern for extra grip & great feel for use without gloves. Finally we found a way to deliver all these features in one product. The multi directional pattern was broken info ribbed block sections that reinforce the pattern so it wears slower but still provides same great grip. The result should please both racers, dirt and street riders. The flanges can be easily removed thanks to a distinct cutting line, and the result will be a clean looking grip with a reinforcement on the inside end.

A lot of effort was also put into choosing the best kind of bar-end. We decided to use bolt-on plastic bar-ends with elastomer inserts as this is the ONLY solution that works with all kinds of handlebars – both steel & alloy. The bar-end is our own custom shape and features a moulded NS logo. It’s thicker than most stock solutions so it should last a little bit longer. The outside diameter is slightly smaller than our Martin Slim grips so it won’t feel uncomfortable in your palms.

-material: soft Kraton material
-diameter: 29.0mm / 1.14”
-length w/ flange: 147mm (5.8″) or 141mm (5.5″) w/o flange
-weight: 99g + 33g NS bar-ends